29 April 2008

Static Training

Semenjak dua menjak ni, me was very BZ with work, seminar, lecture etc, etc... Half of my days in April was wasted doin these job. I went up and down. Rite now, me in Awana Genting till weekend. As a result of this unhealthy work-out, my tummy added an inch. Thanks to nice food in every hotel I stayed.

Nevertheless, this afternoon I manage to go for a warm-up. I don't know where do I get the motivation to do it. I did one and half stationary triathlon training in gym and pool. Thanks to Men's Health article about triathlon static training. Here are the details:

Bike - 30 min
Run - 30 min
Swim - 30 min

27 April 2008

Rest in Peace...

Jeff's super mom was passed away yesterday. I'm really aware about his predicament, his late mother was suffered with kidney failure and his sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pity him. Jeff told me he need to catch a flight to Kuching ASAP and at the same time his wife Robika is in Labuan for swimming competetion. I just manage to settle my Hutang on him as he is in need. I don't have any idea how Jeff is goin to manage to bring all of his family for the ceremonial. On behalf of the Belacak team, we feel very-very sad and pls accept our sincere condolence... may your mom rest in peace...Amin.

FYI.. I have some experience dealing with this matter here

Meanwhile, Frankie was 1k richer when he was selected as the BEST SAILOR in annual Navy Day ceremony. It must to do with his good record in Triathlon and Swimming; beating more than 12,000 candidates. Bravo!

Sigh!! Both events were not at the right time ...

19 April 2008

Belacak.... almost a history

We are out of focus rite now. Me BZ with new job in KL .. belum masuk opis baru dah kena buat keja in advance... have to travel to KL, JB and Melaka. Me don't have time for training...

Jeff is joining the Mukah Tri event together-gether with Mej K and some Kem Sungai Udang CDOs. Some were join the Kapas-Marang, some preparing for Langkawi Eco Challenge and too bad we might forget the A Farmosa. There is Tioman Eco Challenge on May that offer an attractive prize worth of RM 15K. It is reported that the participating team are cap ayam and jaguh kampung team from the local ppl and this is our good change to secure the grand prize money! (Dun tell anyone plz!)

Some were MIA! Goin for courses in Timbaktu and Muyan is preparing to go to UN mission. He should bring back lots of USD, I think!

So... me and some of us or maybe all of us may not be able to join the A Farmosa due to many reasons. Country first then think about someone else!

...and I will be 100% positive to miss both of them, i'm goin to KL with 2x 3 tonner. Where can I join u guys in KL or Putrajaya? Anyone?