28 May 2008

ATM Open Triathlon Part 2

My bad... ATM Open Triathlon will be held on 7 JUNE. I tot July!

22 May 2008

ATM Open Triathlon

Robika told me the team stood 7th place in Tioman Eco Challenge. She did apologize for her difficulties fighting PMS during the events. Too bad, she was the main culprit as she was unable to run and bike; she did collapse few times! She told me she did took what do you call that pills to stop the bleeding but unfortunately, her body was unable to cope with it. Pity her! Actually she just arrive from paying her last respect to her late mother-in-law in Sarawak and she just too weak and fatique. Nevermindlah, we manage to fight till the end.... kalo Bika tak PMS mesti bole dapat top 3. Actually they did very good in Kayaking but due to some misunderstanding they just manage to secure 4th place.

Meanwhile, ATM will organize ATM Open Triathlon in early July. I'll be the team manager for my team. The event will be held at A Farmosa and no RB or Tri Bike allowed! It is only for MTB as to allow more participants.

errr... gua skarang dah pindah keja kat KL. Too bz lately with new assignment. It's been a while my BLUE BELACAK kept dusty in the box. Bila la nak kayuh lagi ni?

06 May 2008

Tioman Eco Challenge

... So goodbye A Farmosa Triathlon, we are goin to Tioman Eco Challenge! We will be in Tioman on 11 May and will be staying onboard 5 star Cruising Ship... for FOC of course. Too bad, I wont be there as I'm moving to Kayel.

Dengar2 ramai yang tak pegi A Farmosa sebab hadiah tak menarik! So Mr Chan, do sumthing la....

Hopefully, Becca and fwens dapat RM 15k... 10% utk boss dia ... hu hu

01 May 2008

Long Ride to China. Anyone?

I bot dis book at MPH 1 Utama. I dun know why should I have it but it must to do with my habit; I like to read. I manage to glance through its contents, its all about tips and guide for long ride.

Thinking of goin for a long distance ride with my wife someday. Maybe we will be 57 by then. China or Timbaktu will be our destination and I need 25 yrs to finish reading this book. Ha ha