02 July 2009

Goodbye Triathlon... Putrajaya here I come

So... this is the turning point of my journey. Goodbye triathlon... This is my new passion...


26 November 2008

Welcome aboard Dino

I may not know him very well but as far as my team concern, he is worth of an investment. He is the man actually, he will rock our ship perhaps! Jeff told me before about Dino. Dino was interested to join Belacak Team by singing in as Naval Reservist. He was broke, jobless and dejected I think. He is now in final documentations and likely to be accepted to be a full time Reservist. That's mean he entitle to get RM 1400.00 monthly allowance by doing nothing than training for tri/du/eco etc events. Looks pretty good deal rite?

These are my wish list for him:

1. Call me sir and gimme salute! (otherwise I'll kick your ass)
2. Beat others in any event.
3. Prove yourself as a champions.
4. Should you come 2nd, you will be Remain Onboard (ROB - no leave la) for 30 days.
5. Not perform... I'll make yourself station out at sea ... Layang2 Island perhaps.

... Btw.. I'm not really quit actually... I'm just at sideline

12 November 2008

I'm quiting...

I have lost the translation of these words of swim, bike and run. None of these words are my favourite day to day say… I mean I don’t have any gut to say it! It is not in my dictionary anymore… I’m afraid I won’t be able walk the talk. Actually, I’m away of this sport for many reasons … temporary perhaps. I have lost my adrenaline and unconsciously I had more fat in my belly… I’m gumuks!

I wish to join my Belacak team in Powerman recently but due to ‘nature calls’ I have to forget it! It is not in my essential task in my line of duty. So guess what! These are the words of my day to day life as an adult student…

Course of action
Implied task
Mahan, Sun Tzu
UN Conventions
Operational Order
Gulf of Eden
Research methodology
End state
Benign role
H hour
D day
Weekly Drive to KL

I’m just being transformed to get used to these jargon… no more tri suit, crank, pedal, supernova, heart rate and useless powerbar… so good bye triathlon for an unknown period… for the country of course.

Sign off…

16 September 2008

Update From Lumut

Lama sungguh gua tak update. Me in Lumut rite now attending 3 months course until end of this year. This is preliminary course before attending 1 year course in KL. This mean, I kenot join Ironman 2009. Me alone without my family, weekend husbandlah gua kat sini.

Sepanjang berada kat sini, gua meet my old Belacak Team. Diaorang tetap training walupun posa (only 3 of them Muslim). There are preparing for Powerman in Nov and I had registered myself in sprint event. Hajat di hati nak buat full tapi tak larat.

I must admit that I missed them, I didn't notice that there are few newbies joining our club and some of them manage to secure good place in triathlon series. I can see potential in them but yet to satisfy with the results. Maybe there are still young and need time.

After raya, me will join them in evening training. My target is to reduce my weight to 75kg... again! During this Ramadhan, me just watching my diet and spending 30 minutes daily on trainer and perform my prayer.

I must tell ya, life is so boring without family ...

29 August 2008

No handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars

I'm deep in love with dis song by Flobots. The title of the song is NO HANDLEBARS

I'm goin to practise this song with my keyboard... together-gether with my dotter (I learn from her ektuali)

Oh.. me oso can play keyboard..

What I like most on its lyric:

"I can make anybody go to prison
Just because I don't like'em and
I can do anything with no permission
I have it all under my command
I can guide a missile by satellite
By satellite
By satellite
and I can hit a target through a telescope
Through a telescope
Through a telescope
and I can end the planet in a holocaust
In a holocaust"

Selamat beposa semua.


24 July 2008

High and dry

Since moving here, me has no time for training. Perut gua dah boroi tambah 2 inci. For this reason, wife bot me ogawa vibrating belt - a token of appriciation as accompanying her in every shopping mall in Klang Valley! 35 of 50 days here is to do shopping. Me BTW often travel for tour of duty. Generally, my interest in training is slowly slowly slowly gone! I'm moving from L to XL - to be precise!

Last UKM duathlon, me doin below the standard! Unfit and Lembab!

Rite now... I don't have any interest to do blogging as I don't have any wonderful story about my Belacak team to rite. We were separated 300km away and I never join them in any race... no more ... not anymore...

So... kemalasan gua di peringkat tertinggi sekarang... I need an inspiration...

I'm in Post-Refit-Tranformation

Sign off for temporary major overhaul... (pi shopping jap, gaji dah masuk!:P)

22 June 2008

Batu and Kayu Award

Batu for my wife and Kayu goes to my 8 yrs dotter while my 4 yrs son is in between. I'm talking about swimming la... my wife tenggelam so I called her batu! My dotter has shown a good progrees. Last week my dotter was afraid to swim in adult pool but after promising her a new Barbie doll, she agreed. She did very well yesterday. She can float and kicking. Thanks to hard ala commando training!

Ektuali I let her drown last week! She nearly suffocate but I just let her feel the pain. Kejam kan? Oh...I did the same to my son. I JUST THROWN HIM IN THE POOL AND LET HIM MANAGE HIMSELF. I notice other people pointing their finger me and thinking that I'm the bad fard-der. My son nangis kuat gile but I just buat dunno. As a result he manage to overcome his fear and enjoy the swimming lesson with me.

ooohh other than that, I'll punish my dotter 10x sit-up kalo dia pegang dinding kolam! Zalim kan? Any takers nak hire me as an instructor for their kids? FOC of course! :)