26 November 2008

Welcome aboard Dino

I may not know him very well but as far as my team concern, he is worth of an investment. He is the man actually, he will rock our ship perhaps! Jeff told me before about Dino. Dino was interested to join Belacak Team by singing in as Naval Reservist. He was broke, jobless and dejected I think. He is now in final documentations and likely to be accepted to be a full time Reservist. That's mean he entitle to get RM 1400.00 monthly allowance by doing nothing than training for tri/du/eco etc events. Looks pretty good deal rite?

These are my wish list for him:

1. Call me sir and gimme salute! (otherwise I'll kick your ass)
2. Beat others in any event.
3. Prove yourself as a champions.
4. Should you come 2nd, you will be Remain Onboard (ROB - no leave la) for 30 days.
5. Not perform... I'll make yourself station out at sea ... Layang2 Island perhaps.

... Btw.. I'm not really quit actually... I'm just at sideline

12 November 2008

I'm quiting...

I have lost the translation of these words of swim, bike and run. None of these words are my favourite day to day say… I mean I don’t have any gut to say it! It is not in my dictionary anymore… I’m afraid I won’t be able walk the talk. Actually, I’m away of this sport for many reasons … temporary perhaps. I have lost my adrenaline and unconsciously I had more fat in my belly… I’m gumuks!

I wish to join my Belacak team in Powerman recently but due to ‘nature calls’ I have to forget it! It is not in my essential task in my line of duty. So guess what! These are the words of my day to day life as an adult student…

Course of action
Implied task
Mahan, Sun Tzu
UN Conventions
Operational Order
Gulf of Eden
Research methodology
End state
Benign role
H hour
D day
Weekly Drive to KL

I’m just being transformed to get used to these jargon… no more tri suit, crank, pedal, supernova, heart rate and useless powerbar… so good bye triathlon for an unknown period… for the country of course.

Sign off…