16 September 2008

Update From Lumut

Lama sungguh gua tak update. Me in Lumut rite now attending 3 months course until end of this year. This is preliminary course before attending 1 year course in KL. This mean, I kenot join Ironman 2009. Me alone without my family, weekend husbandlah gua kat sini.

Sepanjang berada kat sini, gua meet my old Belacak Team. Diaorang tetap training walupun posa (only 3 of them Muslim). There are preparing for Powerman in Nov and I had registered myself in sprint event. Hajat di hati nak buat full tapi tak larat.

I must admit that I missed them, I didn't notice that there are few newbies joining our club and some of them manage to secure good place in triathlon series. I can see potential in them but yet to satisfy with the results. Maybe there are still young and need time.

After raya, me will join them in evening training. My target is to reduce my weight to 75kg... again! During this Ramadhan, me just watching my diet and spending 30 minutes daily on trainer and perform my prayer.

I must tell ya, life is so boring without family ...