31 March 2008

Bad News

Sungguh hampes when somebody informed me my transfer notice has been postponed to early May! It is pain in the ass! (4 letter word! Makian dan cacian!)

Mau tak giler sebab I skiped KLIM just to pack my stuff. All of my cycling, running and swimming kits are stored in boxes! To retrieve it back will be a BIG HEADACHE!

I have told the world that I will move in two weeks! I did inform the owner of my rented house. I did give short notice to my sister-in-law to evacuate from my own house! All of my neighbour are planning to give farewell kenduri! My kids teacher already knew and they did some farewell makan-makan to my son this morning! My dotter's teacher already give some sobernier! Tell me how to face this madness! Arrggggggghhh tensionnn!

KL wait arr....

29 March 2008

Moving Out

The main reason I skipped KLIM is bekoz I want to spent my last moment in Lumut. In two weeks time, I'll be settle down in KL. Yes... finally I'm back! I'm goin to new office KL and will be staying in Seri Kembangan.

What do I really miss about Lumut? Well... Lumut, Manjung and Sitiawan are the cleaneast town in Perak. Big road, less traffic and armed with sufficient ammenities. I love Lumut very much... quiet and peacefull. People of Lumut are very-very friendly... 60% of them are serviceman. These town are develop very fast compare to 13 yrs ago when I first came. The Manjung Majlis Daerah won several awards in maintaining and upkeeping the cleanlinest of these 3 town. .... Forget to mention... I have 5 ticket of parking compoun which I intentionally don't want to pay... thanks to the new MB for the amnesty!

I'm gonna miss my everyday ride to Teluk Rubiah which I did 3 or 4 times a week. I will remember how hard it is to climb its hill. I'm gonna miss beautiful Sungai Dua offroad track, they are cutting trees in the name of development. One day it will dissapear... I think! I'm gonna miss all dogs that did not succeeding chasing and bite me!

I'm gonna miss my cycling team of Manjung MTB (Org Veteren), Albert of Sitiawan Cycling Group, TNB and Malakoff Group and of course my Belacak Triathlon Team. I'll spearhead Belacak team...form the distance!

What are my contribution? Well, I manage to expand the Cycling Clan of Lumut between the people of Manjung and Sitiawan and my Belacak Team. I miss to organise the Critical Mass event which I plan in May. They are about 50 to 60 of them and I'm just in the middle of them. I miss the once in a blue moon MTB or RB ride with them.

Too bad... the leader has to move out!

Goodbye Lumut.... KL here I come!

28 March 2008

Freezing Dinner

Off topic sikit..

Last nite, me and wife went to SOMEONE outgoing dinner. I couldn't remember when was the last time we attend the offical dinner... 4 or 5 yrs kot! To attend this dinner, me has to wear this uniform...

While my Minister of Finance And Housekeeping went to Chinese Opera Parlour to make her face like this....

So the total damage was

1. Dinner Bill - 150++

2. Opera Make-up - RM 40

3. Kids with neighbour - Belanja KFC satu barrel ok kot!

4. Mess Kit - RM 250.00

5. Bow Tie - Pinjam

6. Total time wasted for the dinner - 5 hrs

7. Quality time bercinta with wife - Priceless!

18 March 2008

Check This Out

Thinking of goin to Jael Sport open house (?) this sunday. I don't have any idea what is all about but I presume it must have to do with these interest

1. Triathlon
2. Tri stuff
3. Bikes
4. Supplements
5. Chit-chat with Monkeys
6. Credit card facilities, so I can buy something!
7. Free drinks
8. Makan ada ka?
9. Tri clinic
10. Tri magazine I perhaps? Where on earth I can buy it?

I would like to predict this company will organize tri event in Me'sia. Hopefully there will be more tri event in the future.

See u there....

13 March 2008

Milage (MALEH) run

This is my milage for this month. Malas sikit bulan ni.. raining summo... alasan kukuh! I know I'm not good in swimming but... nak pegi renang jauh sangat. I have many good swimming instructors (Frankie volunteer nak belasah gua kat kolam, Muyan nak bagi gua pakai float, macam budak2, Jeff nak suruh kalahkan anak dia dulu baru bole belajar, yang lain mintak pulut kuning ngan ayam golek) I know I will feel the pain in swimming lessons but I just MALEH!
I can do the best MAHJUNG style in the world, no doubt about it! They said I must imrove my free style. Macam hampeh diorang cakap! Kaki macam kayu! Banyak lagi ler diorang kutuk! Huh hu.

BTW ... I did promise to beat BECCA THE IRONLADY in A Farmosa. Should I behind her..... I will run naked in the base! Hu hu I'm just kidding but they are taking my words as a deal! Siot! Terlepas cakap pulak! Seriously .... I have no choice to go for training.. secretly training la! Jaga reputation kunun.

Oh.. I did record every single entry of exercise in my computer since Apr last year. To date, I clocked about 3K over km in cycling, 50hrs of running and too bad only 60min of swimmimg! Hu hu! I have oso the data of the total damage of having two bikes... quite a big amount that makes wifey gone mad! The outcome was a six-pack on my tummy, formally known as big fat beer-belly - totally priceless! It will be priceless should I defeated to Becca :(

07 March 2008

Post Ironman Syndrome Sickness - PISS

This week ramai yang demam plus me. Demam sebab ramai kena masuk keja, kena air-cond, tak turun training, malas, malas dan malas. Walaupun pissed-off, I pegi gak lari... magickan?... boleh recover demam!

My proposal for our own official traithlon club is doing well I guess, there is another final step of approval to be completed. It may take years! Hu hu. As a result, we have to return to our own units and work!

My boys keep calling me, 'Bos bila bole turun training?'. That is a one million dollar question! I don't have any authority to allow them to go for it as we are not offical club yet.I would loose my job if something happen to them! This is the fact and I have to save my neck. I don't know what will happen to them should I moved to KL. They wil not be happy if I'm gone. They may be leaderless!.. and i'm in deep shit crossroad!

I was informed that I will be posted to KL by end of this month. Yahoo! Finally my dream come true. Senangla balik kampung tengok projek sawit! Me and my wife was too BZ preparing for a massive move. My house is small but it may required 2x 3tonner to load my things. Half of them were my bike stuff! We will be staying at our own house in Seri Kembangan which I bot in 2002 (behind Pasar Borong Selangor). Dekat ngan Putrajaya, senang nak kayuh beskal.

Since I'm goin to KL, I have decided to go for KLIM 21k. I run for 10k and 16k this week. I just notice that I can run! I run for fun! I have a running legs!(This is because I couldn't fine spares for my wheelset, so no bike la - jeff wanna his Dura-Ace back)Hampes... he wanna sell it for rm 900! Shit happens as I just bot a cheap motosikal which is cheaper than my bike! .. and I'm running out of RM! Nak pindah lagi! .... thinking of withdrawing another RM from my ASB, again!

I'm not running away from my boys but I will keep running for KLIM.