22 June 2008

Batu and Kayu Award

Batu for my wife and Kayu goes to my 8 yrs dotter while my 4 yrs son is in between. I'm talking about swimming la... my wife tenggelam so I called her batu! My dotter has shown a good progrees. Last week my dotter was afraid to swim in adult pool but after promising her a new Barbie doll, she agreed. She did very well yesterday. She can float and kicking. Thanks to hard ala commando training!

Ektuali I let her drown last week! She nearly suffocate but I just let her feel the pain. Kejam kan? Oh...I did the same to my son. I JUST THROWN HIM IN THE POOL AND LET HIM MANAGE HIMSELF. I notice other people pointing their finger me and thinking that I'm the bad fard-der. My son nangis kuat gile but I just buat dunno. As a result he manage to overcome his fear and enjoy the swimming lesson with me.

ooohh other than that, I'll punish my dotter 10x sit-up kalo dia pegang dinding kolam! Zalim kan? Any takers nak hire me as an instructor for their kids? FOC of course! :)


bola2api said...

alamak.. tolong la jgn jadi coach aku hahahaa :P

nurina said...

we taught ours to swim without 'terrosing' them. Instead give lots of encouragement so they feel safe and confident. All can swim at very early age. Darimi just turned 7 and swims like a fish -loves diving.