24 July 2008

High and dry

Since moving here, me has no time for training. Perut gua dah boroi tambah 2 inci. For this reason, wife bot me ogawa vibrating belt - a token of appriciation as accompanying her in every shopping mall in Klang Valley! 35 of 50 days here is to do shopping. Me BTW often travel for tour of duty. Generally, my interest in training is slowly slowly slowly gone! I'm moving from L to XL - to be precise!

Last UKM duathlon, me doin below the standard! Unfit and Lembab!

Rite now... I don't have any interest to do blogging as I don't have any wonderful story about my Belacak team to rite. We were separated 300km away and I never join them in any race... no more ... not anymore...

So... kemalasan gua di peringkat tertinggi sekarang... I need an inspiration...

I'm in Post-Refit-Tranformation

Sign off for temporary major overhaul... (pi shopping jap, gaji dah masuk!:P)


lieza said...

nak ikut!!!

Saiful Kodi said...

shopping mmg best bro!!!

hailey said...

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