29 April 2008

Static Training

Semenjak dua menjak ni, me was very BZ with work, seminar, lecture etc, etc... Half of my days in April was wasted doin these job. I went up and down. Rite now, me in Awana Genting till weekend. As a result of this unhealthy work-out, my tummy added an inch. Thanks to nice food in every hotel I stayed.

Nevertheless, this afternoon I manage to go for a warm-up. I don't know where do I get the motivation to do it. I did one and half stationary triathlon training in gym and pool. Thanks to Men's Health article about triathlon static training. Here are the details:

Bike - 30 min
Run - 30 min
Swim - 30 min


zulhassan said...

berenang di berung golf club.sekali masuk rm 5 dan boleh berenang sampai muntah, no time limit. dari pukul 8pagi hingga gelap.malam tak buka.

zulhassan said...

di bukit beruntung gofl club. tulis pun dah tak malam2 buta ni :D