15 June 2008

Sumbody pls wish me Hepi Bday!!

Me turn 32 on 14 Jun. Nite b4, me with my new fren (Awe, RAM and 3 others plus Kalam)were riding in Putrajaya. After ride, me went lepaking until midnight at Double Trouble. Birthday boy should belanja them, I think! But me just pretend innocent and saja je tak nak kecoh... nanti kena bayar sume!)He he

Sunday morning ride alone to Putrajaya. Surprise! There are many international riders in Putrajaya! There are many Indon, Bangla, Nepal, Laos.... u name it riding in the heart of Malaysian Administrative Complex (of course they went to work at construction site nearby)! too bad, the road is being occupied by these riders. Where are Malaysian? I doubt! still sleeping ka?


zulhassan said...

alamak tak ada hadiahlah nak bagi :D

selamat hari jadilah bro .

nurina said...

senyap senyap ah,
tomorrow nite another putrajaya rite
haha, were going dutch afterwards