18 February 2008

The Champs is Landed

I must admit that the bike route is chalenging. I did count the first 10 but I lost count after I found it I just waste my energy counting them. We did one loop and in the afternoon, we went for swimming.

For the first 3 days we meet many ironman. Not to mention Faris Al Sultan. He joining us for a swimming. I meet Dr Hans from Germany, don't be surprise, he will be in IM 08!

Dr Hans

June is Malaysian with Hong Kong citizen
Beauty and the beast


bola2api said...

mana gambo faris al sultan?

Belacak said...

Ada... nnt la upload

abuomar said...

nak tanya kat mana boleh beli fullbody swimsuit yg baik punya.

Belacak said...

abu... tu budak komando je yang ada. Nak beli tak tahu kat ner. Nanti gua tanya.

bola2api said...

try tgk kat Midvalley, top floor yg ada cinema tuh. kat situ ada a few kedai swimwear, scuba, etc.

i'm not sure whether Arena ada buat full suit untuk men