15 February 2008


We will be in Langkawi on 16 Feb evening. There will be 22 strong athlete plus 10 lazy support team joining the OP JANJI HABIS. Our ambitious mission is to be number one among the Malaysian and a ticket to Kona. UPNM team a.k.a ATMA a.k.a Mej Kalam team will be apart of us but they rather to do their mission separately.

We are coming here not for visiting the Mahsuri tomb or ride the cable car but we are here for familirization training. Here are the programme:

Sat (D-7) - ETA Langkawi
Sun (D-6) - Run
Mon (D-5)- Swimming ( we have our own boat!)
Tue (D-4)- Bike 1 loop
Wed (D-3) - Run
Thu (D-2) - Lepak
Fri (D-1)- Lepak
Sat - D day
D+1 - Recovery
D+2 - Shopping
D+3 - Jalan-Jalan
D+4 - ETD Langkawi


Abu Soffian said...

Good luck bro

Zamrady Ariffin said...

Wah program baik punya, gud luck to the team, jgn lupa kalau ada t shirt xxxL lebih bak mai ler kat bro ko ni!

MAJOR K said...

Halooo salam sejahtera semua! Sungguh ganas dan berwawasan, tumpang jugak OP JANJI HABIS! Nih blog kamek www.tryathletes.blogspot.com untuk saudara2 layari! Jumpa di IM08!!!!

firdaus said...

gud luck,my team...!!!