27 February 2008

Finally.. we did it

This is it! The unexpected result of Belacak’s performance. Generally, they are good in swimming; average in cycling (must to do with cap ayam bike!) and poor in running (must to do with lack of long distance training)! Happy? As a manager, I’m more than please with these results as majority of them were still young at age and proven their ability to finish the first IM in their life.

Haikal ... Looking forward for Kona slot next year....

Whatever the result is, they are the future Malaysian Triathlete; they will dominate the Ironman Malaysian category and Malaysian International Triathlon events as well.

See you at finishing line someday!!

There are another 2 cap ayam athlete were not in the list since they are joining for fun. However they manage to finish within 16 hrs.

I did it! Badrul was very exited finishing below 12hrs.

It is sad to report that one of them was hospitalize at 14km to finish due to dehydration. He joined another 8 Singaporean and 1 Japanese in Langkawi Hospital. He lost 10kg of body fluid and fortunately he did not lose his determination to defy the limits.

Visiting Ijat at hospital

1. You don’t have to be a good swimmer! Look at above table and I think it explain you enough.

2. You must be good in running! The biggest sin we made was, we did not go for long distance training. As a result, most of them were unable to run and walk because of cramp. That’s what happens to my Ayam Tambatan, Rahman.

3. You need to have a good bike to be the best but cap ayam bike is not a very good excuse if you want to beat Wong Ah Thiam’s 25K bike. I did notice Frankie was leading Ah Thiam more than 4 minutes in the first loop and 50 seconds in the second loop but later was 45 minutes behind. The result may be different if they are armed with good bike and strong legs.

4. Too much time wasted at TT. Overall spending more than 5 minutes for make-up.

Rahman wasted 7 minutes at TT2. 2 minutes for this!!

Running along Mej K. Just 10 metre

Swimming practice for IM 09. I'll do it!

With Al-Sultan
Helping Razani


bola2api said...

takkan hang team manager je??

well done ironmans!

Belacak said...

I'm not fit enought to join IM. It is crazy. Ramai yang racun suruh juin tapi I think it is giler! I know I can but go slow and study first.
I'll start on Sprint and Olympic Distance first. Then next IM 09, I'll see u in finishing line.

zulhassan said...

Kalau IM bawah 12jam, nampaknya tahun ni OD mesti hangat punya.Insyaallah tahun depan korang...seramnya.

Belacak said...

Betul bro..
Kita akan belasah habis-habisan masa OD. Lagipun kitaorang training OD jer.

Raymond said...

hi.....wow!u guys r very very fast swimmers and cyclist!!!!How u guys train?I agree,sure make waves in msia tri scene from now on!
Congrats to ur team!

TOKI Manjung said...

..BIG congratulation to BELACAK team..& sad to hear ijat mamak in hospital..TOKI hope just minor injured..botoi IM da abis ke???sorry long time no news coz 3 days before i m in Penang for my 25 yrs with LLN/TNB loyalty award.. ambik gelang bagi bini habis citer...bodek ler tuuu.. hehehehe...

Belacak said...

Raymond... thanks for the complements.. basicly most of them are commandos and divers by trade. I'm just another pancit one. Will be IM 09 soon.

Bro zaki... dapat bonus ker? Botol IM ada kat umah. Sapa cepat dia dapat.

Tey said...


join multiply and invite me (pmtey) as u friend in contact.

u will able view 4429 pics of ironman at langkawi.


Album only view by contact list,so..either u invite me or me invite also same..take care

Belacak said...

thanks tey ... wilco