07 March 2008

Post Ironman Syndrome Sickness - PISS

This week ramai yang demam plus me. Demam sebab ramai kena masuk keja, kena air-cond, tak turun training, malas, malas dan malas. Walaupun pissed-off, I pegi gak lari... magickan?... boleh recover demam!

My proposal for our own official traithlon club is doing well I guess, there is another final step of approval to be completed. It may take years! Hu hu. As a result, we have to return to our own units and work!

My boys keep calling me, 'Bos bila bole turun training?'. That is a one million dollar question! I don't have any authority to allow them to go for it as we are not offical club yet.I would loose my job if something happen to them! This is the fact and I have to save my neck. I don't know what will happen to them should I moved to KL. They wil not be happy if I'm gone. They may be leaderless!.. and i'm in deep shit crossroad!

I was informed that I will be posted to KL by end of this month. Yahoo! Finally my dream come true. Senangla balik kampung tengok projek sawit! Me and my wife was too BZ preparing for a massive move. My house is small but it may required 2x 3tonner to load my things. Half of them were my bike stuff! We will be staying at our own house in Seri Kembangan which I bot in 2002 (behind Pasar Borong Selangor). Dekat ngan Putrajaya, senang nak kayuh beskal.

Since I'm goin to KL, I have decided to go for KLIM 21k. I run for 10k and 16k this week. I just notice that I can run! I run for fun! I have a running legs!(This is because I couldn't fine spares for my wheelset, so no bike la - jeff wanna his Dura-Ace back)Hampes... he wanna sell it for rm 900! Shit happens as I just bot a cheap motosikal which is cheaper than my bike! .. and I'm running out of RM! Nak pindah lagi! .... thinking of withdrawing another RM from my ASB, again!

I'm not running away from my boys but I will keep running for KLIM.


MAJOR K said...

Hahaha belacak dah naik ke darat! Kering la sat lagi tu. Tapi tak pe, kita training Hulu Langat 150km. Pasti menarik tertarik aku de bomb!

bola2api said...

rm900 murah dol for dura ace.

I'm looking for new sets of wheels too.. tapi sekenhen punya laa

Belacak said...

I ada ultegra 08. Nak let go. Bole tukar ngan frame trek u. Nak? Hu hu