18 March 2008

Check This Out

Thinking of goin to Jael Sport open house (?) this sunday. I don't have any idea what is all about but I presume it must have to do with these interest

1. Triathlon
2. Tri stuff
3. Bikes
4. Supplements
5. Chit-chat with Monkeys
6. Credit card facilities, so I can buy something!
7. Free drinks
8. Makan ada ka?
9. Tri clinic
10. Tri magazine I perhaps? Where on earth I can buy it?

I would like to predict this company will organize tri event in Me'sia. Hopefully there will be more tri event in the future.

See u there....

1 comment:

bola2api said...

pergh semua tri.. kau ni eat, sleep and breathe triathlon ke?

IM 09 dah register?