29 March 2008

Moving Out

The main reason I skipped KLIM is bekoz I want to spent my last moment in Lumut. In two weeks time, I'll be settle down in KL. Yes... finally I'm back! I'm goin to new office KL and will be staying in Seri Kembangan.

What do I really miss about Lumut? Well... Lumut, Manjung and Sitiawan are the cleaneast town in Perak. Big road, less traffic and armed with sufficient ammenities. I love Lumut very much... quiet and peacefull. People of Lumut are very-very friendly... 60% of them are serviceman. These town are develop very fast compare to 13 yrs ago when I first came. The Manjung Majlis Daerah won several awards in maintaining and upkeeping the cleanlinest of these 3 town. .... Forget to mention... I have 5 ticket of parking compoun which I intentionally don't want to pay... thanks to the new MB for the amnesty!

I'm gonna miss my everyday ride to Teluk Rubiah which I did 3 or 4 times a week. I will remember how hard it is to climb its hill. I'm gonna miss beautiful Sungai Dua offroad track, they are cutting trees in the name of development. One day it will dissapear... I think! I'm gonna miss all dogs that did not succeeding chasing and bite me!

I'm gonna miss my cycling team of Manjung MTB (Org Veteren), Albert of Sitiawan Cycling Group, TNB and Malakoff Group and of course my Belacak Triathlon Team. I'll spearhead Belacak team...form the distance!

What are my contribution? Well, I manage to expand the Cycling Clan of Lumut between the people of Manjung and Sitiawan and my Belacak Team. I miss to organise the Critical Mass event which I plan in May. They are about 50 to 60 of them and I'm just in the middle of them. I miss the once in a blue moon MTB or RB ride with them.

Too bad... the leader has to move out!

Goodbye Lumut.... KL here I come!


Saiful Kodi said...

adeh...seday siot!!

Belacak said...

Seday dalam suka :P

Emotional skit! hu hu

TOKI Manjung said...

....haaaaa....huhuhuhuhuhu...we all very very very miss uuuuu....belacak...u r very very nice guuy...forgive me if we all got anything wrong wit u..huhuhuhu...btw keep in touch all the time wit all of us in MANJUNG..

TOKI Manjung said...

..dont forget to sms us ur new HP no's if u change to new one okey...